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On this page you find a list of very good US web site hosts. Below the list I tell you which web site host in my opinion provides the best Canadian web hosting. You can use that web hosting company as well as the ones below, no matter where you live on this earth.

USA Best Web Hosting – US Web Site Hosts

There are many great US web site hosts. But there are also quite a few web hosts that users are unhappy with. Here on this page I will list the best US web hosting companies for you.

Initially I was planning on making a list of the 10 best web hosting providers in the USA, but I only found 9 that passed the “test”.

Out of these 9 there is one that only offers VPS and dedicated internet hosting (the last one on the list).

9 Best Web Hosting Providers USA

Best Web Site Host List


Professional and reliable web site host.

Price: Prices for the shared web hosting plans start at $6.38/month.


Unlimited domains, fast speed, wind powered servers,
good prices.

Price: Starting at $3.96/month (shared web hosting).

Aspiration Hosting

Perfect eCommerce web site hosting.

Price: Prices start at $4.99/month for a shared account.

Downtown Host

Smaller sized web hosting company, very reliable with good customer service. 50 concurrent MySql connections are allowed on the shared plan.

The good new is, transferring your Site Build It website to WordPress doesn’t have to be hard.

Price: Prices for the shared hosting start at $4.95.


Good for business web sites and eCommerce, but good for personal websites too. Flexible plans, 500MB of storage for $9.95 per month. You can add an additional 500MB for $4 extra per month.

Price: $9.95/month


Like HostGator, inMotion is a big web hosting company. inMotion’s up-time and server speed is good. They get mostly good feedback from customers, but there are some that have a few complaints too. This is normal though with big web hosts that oversell a bit.

Price: You can get a small personal account for $3.00/month


Great for site transfers. I would also recommend this web site host if you are looking for a great web hosting reseller plan.
Price: You can get 3000 MB disk space 45 GB bandwidth for $3.95/month and if you pay yearly your price will be $3.25/month.


LiquidWeb is a Michigan based web hosting company with many years of web hosting experience. Their shared web hosting is a little bit on the expensive side, but it is very good. And as always – you get what you pay for, and in this case excellent knowledgeable technical support. Their VPS and dedicated server web hosting are at about the same price level as other hosts though.

Price: Shared hosting starts at $14.95/month.


Very professional VPS and Dedicated web hosting.
The basic VPS plan offers 50GB of storage, but they also have a plan where you get 150GB storage. A basic dedicated plan will give you 500GB of storage.

Price: prices start at $49/month for VPS and at $199/month for Dedicated.

This was the Best Web Site Host List – USA Best Web Hosting List

More About Web Site Hosting

Web Hosting US and Canada

If you live in the US or Canada, you might be looking for web hosting within your own country. Some people, when trying to find the best web hosting company, might consider their neighbor country too. The most important thing anyway will be that the support staff speaks your language.

An Excellent Web Hosting Service Canada

If you live in the US or in any other country, it is totally OK to use the best Canadian web hosting company that I also use, called SiteSell. This best web site host also helps you with SEO and marketing. Only one plan available (shared).
Price: $29.99/month

Clustered Hosting


Great if you are looking for Canadian/US clustered hosting. Shared Linux clustered hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud and more. H-Sphere reseller hosting… Cartika has long-term happy customers. They have a Windows reseller option too. There are no hidden CPU Limitations. This web host is Canadian but has US servers.

Price: Prices for the shared Linux clustered hosting starts at $10/month

Starting Your Own Affiliate Program

Starting An Affiliate Program For Your Racing Game

Once you get to this page about starting an affiliate program for your own product you have come a long way in the process of learning about internet marketing.

If you are on this page too soon then you may want to catch up by reading this booklet on affiliate marketing mastery Before starting an Affiliate Program – Read this on Mastering Affiliate marketing

Your Own Product

This is really your ultimate goal when building an online business. Why? You want your own product so that you can have others marketing for you rather than you just earning an income by marketing other company products. This way you duplicate your efforts.

Now again, if you are just getting started this will be a little much to absorb at this time and I really only want to touch on the subject in order that you have the bigger picture in view.

It is fine to do what 90% of those online are doing – working as an affiliate for other companies and products – you will make plenty of money doing only this once you learn the hows, whats and wheres of affiliate marketing. You can always use a place like Site Build It to learn how to do this.

If You Are Building a Real Online Business

You will definitely want to create your own product and at the same time you will continue to affiliate with other companies and products but you will start developing your primary flow of income from what will become your primary business – your product / services.

Pros and Cons

The advantages of remaining as an affiliate of others (AND the reason to start out in your online experience as an affiliate) only are:

  1. Your costs are very low
  2. Your risks are limited – the guarantees are the responsibility of the company and product you represent
  3. You have much less work – advertising is your main thing

So, the lack of control is balanced by the small risks. There are really no downsides to affiliate marketing.

The advantages of designing, building and promoting your own product by starting an affiliate program:

  1. You have complete control so you make it become exactly what you want it to be.
  2. Your sales copy is as honest, straight forward and accurate as you can make it (another control element).
  3. You can have others marketing for you and multiply your efforts by many-fold.
  4. The additional income allows you to grow a staff of people whom you can hire to do the things that you may not enjoy doing or that you do not do as well as someone whom you may be able to hire.

Now, there are, of course, the downside issues of costs, risk, a lot of work but this is true for any business. The upside potential is so huge that once you are making good money by doing affiliate marketing you will find more and more reasons to pursue the design of your own product and starting an affiliate program of your own.

Now, the one single most important piece to building your online business is the assumption that is made in all the hype and that is that you know how to advertise (that is, where to place ads, how to design ads, the best media sources for purchasing space,etc) but frankly most new entrepreneurs simply do not understand marketing and ad placement.

I certainly didn’t understand all this myself so the relationship that I’ve established with the marketing company that has taught me so much is the one I’ll introduce you to in my next email.

So, marketing and advertising is our next subject. This is where the specificity can guarantee you a decent income in ninety days AND you learn what you need for all your future marketing endeavors.

The Science of Getting Rich was written in 1910 by Wallace Wattles and my own take on this download is that it is worth the time because it is only 62 pages so it will not take too much of your time and you can always learn something.

However, this book, as distinguished from the others I have provided at this site is, to me, one that you must take a little more caution as you read. I say this because, while it does draw on some of the same concepts as the other “thinking” books listed here, it is a little more “heady” in its approach and uses terms that are harder for me to get my mind around.

The “science” to which he refers can of course in one sense be considered science since he had applied each concept himself before writing about it. But to call it science when only one person has “proven” it is a bit of a stretch.

The fact is though, that many of the monetary success stories over the past 100 years claim to have applied these same principles successfully to achieve the goals they had established for themselves.

Finally, one note about religion – this is not a religious book in any sense of the word even though Wattles often refers to scripture, God and creativity (something I believe only God can initiate and gives as a gift to those to whom He chooses).

Selling On Ebay

Work From Home Online With Ebay

Its not that hard to work from home online with Ebay. You just must plan right. You must have a business plan and have the knowledge to do so.

Start out by registering to be an Ebay seller. Then get the knowledge that will help you become start an Ebay Business.

How to Register with Ebay

To begin registering you will need…

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

You will then create yourself a User ID and A Password. Don’t forget to create a User ID that will give the buyer a great idea of what you will be selling on Ebay. You will have to read and agree to the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy.

After verifying your email address its time for you to make money on Ebay.

Open up Ebay Sellers Account

In order to open up an Ebay Sellers Account, you will need a credit card and bank account information. If you do not want to use the above, you can use ID VERIFY.

ID Verify is a service that will establish proof of your identity.

You will need to provide information like your home address, name, birthdate, be able to identify certain credit accounts and $5. The service is used with Equifax.

Open up a PayPal Account

If you are going to work from home online with Ebay, it is essential that you open up a PayPal Account.

Without it you can lose a ton of business. A lot of people don’t want to use their credit cards over the internet, so they prefer to do business through PayPal.

What is PayPal?

Paypal is basically the middle man. Once the buyer has won the bid, they will pay PayPal. Once the payment goes through, you have to send the buyer the product.

How to set up an account?

Go on and choose the Premier account. The Premier account is great because you will be able to accept both credit cards and non-credit card payment methods.

If your business is big and you will be expecting a lot of transactions then the Business Account would be better. Fill out the form for PayPal and your almost ready to Work From Home Online With Ebay. Paypal charges 2.9% plus 30 cents for each transaction.

Once you are done with filling out your form the next step should be to get verified. This process proves that you are who you say you are. In order to get verified, you will need your Credit Card or Bank Account. If you don’t have the above there are other ways you can get verified.

You can now Work From Home Online. Start setting up your work area and begin to make some money.

Now its time to develop a plan to Work From Home Online With Ebay Successfully.

Selling Cars On Ebay

Selling cars on Ebay is very similar to selling in person. You must first get the car prepared to be sold.

Make sure the car is clean and picture ready. Make sure you have all of the documents ready and available to sell the car.

What Information do I need to Start?

Timothy has a 2007 Chrysler 300 that he wants to sell on Ebay. He registers with Ebay. He gets all of his documents together. He makes sure he can answer the following questions…

What is the Year, Make And Model of the car? Is it a special model like Limited Edition, ect? How many miles is on it?

How to take Pictures of the Car

Timothy has all of his documents and information in order. It is now time for him to take pictures. He makes sure the Pictures are as specific as possible. He takes pictures of the entire exterior and interior of the Chrysler.

He notices a scratch and ding on the bumper. He takes pictures of it close up and then he continues taking pictures of the odometer and engine. He also takes pictures of his “22” rims and his custom interior work. After taking the photos, he reviews them to make sure they look clear and detailed. He has close ups and wide shots of the vehicle.

He is now ready to do his listing. He is noticing how easy it is selling cars on Ebay.

How to Write the Description

Timothy starts writing his description. He writes the following…

Chrysler 300 C Hemi 2005, black color with Chrome kit. Has small damages to the bumper. There has only been one owner, myself and it will need new brakes soon. It has leather seats, sunroof, heated seats and a navigation system. Along with the Chrome package is “26” Chrome rims with brand new tires. The car is still under a 100, 000 mile warranty. The trunk has been serviced because it stopped opening.

List the Car on Ebay

Timothy has researched how much the Chrysler is worth using Kelly’s Blue Book. He chooses to do the Reserve Auction because he wants to set his price close to trade-in value. This will start the bidding to become active. You also have the choice to use The No Reserve Price Auction and the Buy It Now Features.

Now that Tim has finished his description, he puts down that he will only accept PayPal and that he expects a deposit within the first 3 days of the end of the end of the auction.

He then puts down that he requires full payment within 7 days.

The Sale Is Complete

Timothy has completed his listing and within 5 days has sold his Chrysler. He is amazed at how simple the whole process was selling cars on Ebay. The buyer came and picked up the Chrysler.

Selling Cars on Ebay can be great, but you must be careful. Just like anything you sell on Ebay, there are always people that will try to get over on you. There are fake money orders and counterfeit checks to look out for. However, if you be cautious, you can be successful at selling cars on Ebay.

We Are Hiring

We’re Hiring – Here’s How To Apply!

We’re hiring! YES! For all positions! Please follow the instructions below to submit your resume.

Your Resume Is The Heart of Your Job Search

Your resume is the key document that will determine if you get an interview with a potential employer. That being the case, it should shine. Does it?

If not, it could be because there is so much bad information out there about creating a solid, interview-winning resume. It doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Before you write a single word, you need the right tools for the job.

This includes quality bond paper, an inkjet or laser printer and a positive attitude. Each person will have different qualifications and experiences to bring to the table.

As for your resume itself, let’s start at the top and work our way down the page:


Your letterhead needs to contain all of your contact information. This includes your name, address, telephone or cell phone number and email address.

This information is most often centered at the top of the page with your name larger than the other information. You can also put your name in bold print.


John Q. Employee
123 Homepage Lane
Anytown, State 00000
There is no need to get fancy. Keep it simple.


The art of crafting a solid employment objective stymies a lot of people when they start trying to write a resume. For our purposes, the two best options are to either wait and craft it last or leave it out altogether.

One exception with objectives is if you are sending a “cold” resume. This is a resume sent to a prospective employer without knowing if that company is hiring. The idea is that you might time it just right and be considered for an unadvertised opening.

If you use an objective, keep it simple and realistic. Avoid vague language.


Vague: A position in management with upward mobility and opportunities to improve my skills.
Specific: A management position in which I can use my conflict management skills to foster unity and growth within the company.

Remember, you do not have to use an objective. So, if you can’t create one that rings true, leave it out.


Depending on the position you are applying for, you might put education ahead of experience. It is all a matter of which one is more relevant to your desired job and, if both are relevant, which is most recent.
Experience is most commonly formatted this way:

2004-2008 XYZ Corporation Memphis, TN
Training Manager
Oversaw training of new hires
Drafted revisions to training protocol

You can change it up, depending on your resume, but make sure you include all of the relevant information.

Aside from paying jobs, this is also the place to include work-study and internships.


Education is formatted just like experience. Make sure you state the full name of the school you attended, the degree attained and any relevant courses you took.

2000-2004 Best State University Little Rock, AR
Bachelor’s degree in Business Management
Led conflict management role playing group

After you complete your education listing, consider including skills, awards and volunteer work.

Skills can be a simple bullet point list of computer programs you know, specific skills you have, such as knowledge of office machines or how to drive heavy equipment.

Awards can be listed much the same way. Be sure to include the year in which you received the award. These can include Dean’s List, Volunteer of the Year, or Top Sales Person for XXX Group.

Finally, your volunteer work should be listed the way work experience is listed, including the years you were involved. Be specific about what you did. Volunteered for Habitat for Humanity? Did you raise money? Help build three houses in a run down community in South Dakota?

Your resume is a powerful document. You want to spend the time to get it right.